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All our products are of the highest quality. We have invented a special quality control system which in collaboration with a site laboratory ensures that our Customers receive products meeting all the requirements. We are constantly working on the development of our fluids to ensure that they are always modern, fully safe, ecological and effective. Our products are consistent with the Hygenic Approval of The National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) and Technical Recommendation of The Building Research Institute (ITB).

If you need any technical information, please write to us:

ITB Technical Recommendation
Tehnical specifications
Declaration of Conformity
Material Data Sheets
PZH Approval

Technology consultancy


If you wonder what kind of an installation fluid to choose, please call or write to us. Our consultants will help you to choose a suitable product:

• Possibility to test a batch of a coolant concentrate or ready-to-use coolant.
• Measurement of the current concentration of a fluid in your installation and analysis of product usefulness.
• Logistic services ensuring optimal supplies.
• Site visit of our technologist and a phone consultancy on a product choice.
• Current information on our latest products.
• Tranings on new products.
• Presence on trade fairs.